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Petzer App

Petzer Petzer

Brand: Petzer
Role: Product designer
Typer of user: B2B & B2C

Petzer is a startup that seeks to update itself, with a new name, identity, and app. They desire that this complete redesign is generated with a holistic vision of the experiences it offers. Therefore, I was hired as a Product Designer to provide a design process that would ensure the values it offers.

The problem

Petzer aims to create a platform that supports various types of services related to pets for potential customers. As an MVP, the 'Home Hotel' service was defined, which is a pet hotel with 100% verified caregivers. Therefore, it must provide the best possible experience to encourage users to use and try the upcoming services in the future.

The Challenge

Create a seamless and memorable experience for pet lovers who share a significant bond with their pets, always prioritizing transparency and communication to ensure peace of mind for customers who entrust their pets to verified caregivers.

The Solution

Create a hub where the user has complete information about their pets, all the information that can provide an advantage to the caregiver in order to take better care of the pet, always with love, care, and professionalism.

The Team

The team that worked hard in this project and cannot be possible without their support are:

- Stake Holders
- PM
- PO
- UX Designers
- UX Writers
- iOS Developers
- Android Developers
- Back Developers
- Marketing

The Design Process

1. Empathy

- Understand the users, their needs, and pain points with the currently available services out there.

- Conduct user interviews with caregivers to collect data from past services.

- Understand the business model of Petzer and how they want to evolve in the future.

- Create empathy maps and personas.

2. Definition

- We define a list of needs and problems that we want to resolve.

- We prioritize those problems to focus on the most important ones and then evolve.

-We create our "Why?" that helps us as the North Star for the MVP.

3. Ideation

- Brainstorming
- Journey Maps
- Ui Design

4. Prototyping

We build a prototype for the users and the caregivers to understand if the process is smooth enough or to identify any important pain points. This helps us ensure a great experience even before writing any lines of code.

5. Testing

The tests with the caregivers and final users provide us with enough data to create a roadmap for the features, ensuring the evolution of the app.

5. Release & Analysis

We had a very positive first release with new users and new services. This helped us gather data and conduct analysis for the next steps of the app.

What i learn?

How important it is to follow a design process to maintain well-balanced expectations and keep the needs and insights from the user at the forefront of every decision made.

What should I do differently?

Conduct more testing with the experiences to gather a larger dataset and utilize it in the near future.

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